4 Deep Around the World

4 Deep Around The World

Follow the incredible story of Tanai Benard, a single mother of three, who was able to turn her days of food stamps into a life filled with passport stamps. Follow their journey as they conquer the globe one country at a time.
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Meet Tanai


Originally from Beaumont, Texas, an inspirational divorced mother of three has captured the world’s heart as a woman of courage, strength and personal power. Her story shares the common pain that all women face who are struggling to know their worth. Tanai chose fearlessness over comfort, adventure over familiarity and has become the new face for single mothers living abroad with children.

Tanai desires to help women recapture their dreams and uses her story about her personal struggle and bold pursuit of change as a catalyst for women to soar. Convinced that there had to be more for her and her children, Tanai wouldn’t allow marital woes, financial hard times or dependence on public assistance to continue to be her reality. She shares these ugly truths to help empower women to continue seeking greater opportunities for their families. Due to out the box thinking, Tanai now has financial freedom, a peaceful home, and the ability to travel the world with her thriving children.



Places Explored

Before leaving the U.S., Tanai and Iyanna (11), Zavien (9) and Dezmond (8) had never experienced international travel; now in a two years time they’ve traveled to Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Phillipines and United Arab Emirates. Additionally, she’s been able to visit Indonesia, Bahrain, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Mexico and Italy.


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